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Have a Fantastic

Just wanted to thank everyone who read the blog this year. I had a goal for how many people would read the blog and that got surpassed quick, so thanks it means a lot. Want to wish everyone a fantastic Holiday Season & Happy New Year, enjoy it. Be safe


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Senior Paper "Is Competitive Gaming A Sport"

What up ladies and gentlemen. November was kinda the shit, true story. Let's get to this paper first off, It's long as hell like Peter North/Cleveland's No Championship long. I'm gonna give you the shorten version and just put the Intro/Pro-Side/Con-Side and tell you i went with saying it is a sport in my eyes. The con-side starts to get a little sloppy because well I'm a teenager and I have testosterone and being on the computer isn't helping that at all. Hope you guys enjoy, I better see some hate on this:

  Children born in America love being entertained by video games, and it all started in 1972 with the creation of Pong. From having a simplistic two-dimensional video game being played for bragging rights and pride, video games then evolved into millions of people flocking to local arcades to play “Galaga” and “Frogger” to beat their own cities high score. Now with the progression of technology consoles like the “Xbox 360” and computers now provide these video games to be played worldwide online with services offered by Sony and Xbox, with over 50 million subscribers on each platform. Along with more complex games which made players now use informal scientific reasoning along and superior hand-eye coordination among other abilities. The “reward” of being the best at a video game has changed from your name being attached to a high score inside arcade machines to your name being attached to a six or seven figure contract from leagues such as “Major League Gaming” and coverage from major television networks such as “ESPN” and “USA Network”, but is it a sport?

     By definition a sport is “an athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess and often of a competitive nature”, according to dictionary reference. Video games do not require the physical ability of sports like soccer or cricket. For people who do not believe competitive gaming is a sport that is good enough reason for why it is not a sport. They see it as a friendly game that competitors are taking extremely seriously. For people who do believe competitive gaming is a sport, the practice regimen and skill are reasons for why it is a sport. They believe they have the credibility of professional basketball player

Pro side
  Competitive gaming is one of the fastest growing sports in North America. Due to the likes of media juggernauts such as ESPN and Fox Sports, many people feel for something to be a “legitimate” sport it needs to be presented and covered as such. In South Korea, popular real-time strategy (RTS) game Starcraft 2 is the countries most televised/watched sport in the country according to video game journalist Brian Ashcraft (Kotaku,2010).
Run under the league name “Starleague”, the 2009 championship finals had over 120,000 fans inside an arena alongside millions watching on the network “ONGAMENET”. In America competitive gaming is still growing and is being lead by Major League Gaming (MLG). Started in 2002, it has grown and outlasted main competitor Championship Gaming Series (CGS, funded by DirecTV and News Corporation). In 2008, MLG and ESPN signed a contract to make ESPN the primary outlet for MLG news, and
providing extensive coverage of pro-circuit competitions. “Pro gaming offers sports fans everything they love about sports - great teams, break-out personalities and stars, and exciting competition,” says Matthew Bromberg, former general manager at AOL Games and Moviefone (Morrison, 2009). These competitions run by MLG have previously been on USA Network, G4TV/Tech TV and MTV. The pro circuit travels throughout North America, spectators have to pay $20 to see there favorite teams and players. On average 15,000-20,000 fans come to see the 3 day event. For fans that are not at the events location they can tune into the league’s website ( or In 2008, more 750,000 thousand viewers tuned into MLG Dallas, “beating primetime audience reach of major cable networks sporting events for the 12-34 male demographic” says MLG (Miller,2008). Alongside enjoying the events, fans can purchase league and team specific merchandise through major retailers. MLG struck a licensing deal with Lids to sell MLG branded headwear and MLG Pro Team hats alongside NFL, NBA, and MLB headwear. Co-founder Michael Sespo said "Having our brand out there with the other major (stick-and-ball) leagues is a major step for us, and also a sign that the world at large is embracing what MLG means among a very substantial youth market” (Fisher,2010). Among Lids, Hot Topic, JC Penney, and are selling merchandise nationwide right next to other major sporting leagues. Every prominent league has stars that are embedded with there league. In 2006 MLG signed four-man Halo team, Final Boss, to a $1 million contract. That contract did not include tournament earnings, (National Championship prize pool is $100,000) lessons to amateurs, and sponsorships. These sponsorships include Stride gum, Frito-Lay North America, BiC Consumer Products USA, Nestle Hot Pockets, Old Spice, Ballpark Franks, Tinactin, Astro Gaming, EA Sports, Jack Links, Sony Playstation, Castrol, and AT&T. "In less than 2 years, MLG has grown from a grass roots phenomenon into a major cross-platform media property spanning live events, TV and online, our sold-out live Pro-Circuit, our national TV programming, and millions of online fans have created the critical mass and credibility to help partners like Dr Pepper connect with young consumers in an authentic way,” says Michael Sespo, chairman and co-founder of MLG (Frederick, 2008). Tom Taylor who is known as “TSquared” is seen by many as the “poster boy” of the league. He’s been featured MTV’s True Life, the Tonight Show, ESPN, Entrepreneur Magazine, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, CNN, and named Stuff Magazine’s Most Influential person under 30. In 2009, Dr. Pepper featured Tsquared on 175 million bottles of their product. The deal between him, MLG and Dr Pepper was “the first time we’ve featured an athlete on our product” says Dr Pepper in a press release (meunier, 2009). Pro teams have coaches who stand behind the four man team during tournament games, keeping the team morale high and excited, and make sure strategy are in place. Andy Dudynsky (professional coach of Triggers Down, known as JTBravo) said “When I’m coaching, I’m basically calling the shots; I can see what they can’t. When I watch their screens I can basically see the entire map in my mind and know what they need to do, where they need to be."(Stiriling, 2010). These coaches have game-plans that are up to par with Cleveland Browns head coach Eric Mangini’s game-plan. In between tournaments these teams scout rivals by watching their “tournament gameplay” to see what opponents are doing to compete with them and how to counteract them. During the season, “the team practices up to 15 hours a day, Taylor said. Like NFL football teams on Monday morning, they watch film of rival teams in action and devise strategies.” says TSquared (Cubbison, 2010). A game of Halo can last between 5 and 30 minutes (best of five or eleven wins the series), and the players are screaming at each other while moving their thumbs and index fingers. Inside the “Main Stage” with bleachers of fans, stage lights, projectors show casing each players screen, TV cameramen, and an ESPN Broadcast booth/press box. Coverage of these games include bracket shows, such as the NCAA basketball tournament version, and MLG game commentators breaking down games after they’ve finished, as you’ve seen on just about every sports broadcast ever aired. To “recruit” and find new players MLG partnered with Doritos to create the “Doritos MLG skills combine” to evaluate amateur players. Those elements of endurance, training and concentration, Taylor insists, make competitive gaming a sport, not a hobby.

Con side

      Once again, the definition of sports is “an athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess and often of a competitive nature”, according to Dictionary reference. Physical prowess would then mean it must have “Physical Exertion” which is the activity of exerting your muscles in various ways to keep fit. In gaming’s highest level of competition you are moving, thumbs, index fingers, and mouth by communicating. Competing under those constraints do not fit the definition of sport. University of Essex’s Dr Dominic Micklewright said “The main distinction which precludes gaming from being a sport is the lack of physical exertion” (Good, 2010). While companies like CGS have faded away and closed down, a prominent sport should not have leagues shutting down. Economic journalist Ryan Goldberg said in an article that “Major companies have pulled sponsorships and several tournaments have folded” (NY Times, 2010).  The CGS had a five year plan, but it shut down after two years. The whole idea of competitive gaming can be seen a “fad” when leagues supported by major corporations can only last two years. Video games just like every form of entertainment have different genre’s that include first person shooters, fighting, racing, real-time strategy, and ironically sports games. The National Football League does not have different forms of their game; it is always played under the same playing field, rules, and regulations. MLG for instance has 6 games played at pro-circuit competitions that include Halo: Reach, Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Starcraft 2, Tekken 6, and Super Smash Brawl. All different variations of video games, that ranges from a first person shooter to real-time strategy game (Each game is played on Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Wii, and Computer). Along with these new games coming out seemingly every week, change on what game is the “most competitive” can happen every year if not months. A sport needs a stable common set of rules, a governing body, and game that they are playing. Though adjusts can be made to popular “stick-in-ball leagues” like instant replay and adding time to a shot clock, a complete new video game is a drastic change. A new video game would have completely different mechanics, button layouts, strategies, and could be a complete different genre. This is too unstable for viewing audiences and competitors. Video games are a form of entertainment. It is called a video game; developers of these games intended these games to be played for fun as form of escape from problems. Anything could be turned a serious competitive thing such as a competition on who could finish a senior paper the fastest. Even though you are competing in something, it in no way shape or form makes it a sport. Lastly, Middle Schools, High Schools, and Colleges have no form of competitive gaming in school sports.

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What up ladies & gentlemen as always thank you for reading this. I want to start off by thanking everyone who read the interview, I had a goal on how many people were going to view the interview and it was surpassed. More interviews are on the way, good ones too, hopefully I will be going to D.C. it's about 70% likely that I go. If so a hell of a lot of more interviews will be posted. It's my Senior year so I'm pretty busy just doing boss things like a boss. It's going great though, not that any of you care anyway. Now for my rant on sports

  • LeBron you can still screw yourself, quitta fake nukka 
  • Brett Favre is the most over-rated athlete ever
  • Randy Moss will not help, It's like hooking up with the GF who cheated on you and thinking you'll get married with em'
  • Bud Selig, It's called Instant Replay
  • NHL it's called promote yourself, weakest Opening Day for anything
  • Go Rays
  •  Brett Favre you're a dirty bastard leave the hottie alone. 
  •   College Football is amazing
  • NFL RedZone is god's gift to me. 
  • Peace <3

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I've Got Da Power. -HeavyWeight's Hot Seat

I promised you Interviews & I got you one. Just promise me to never break my heart and give me a couple minutes of you're time to read this interview and then you can go back to get knifed by a 8 year old in Nebraska on Reach <3.

I don't even know which one is which.

 I bring to you today, BUK57 from Power Gaming.

 Me: First off congrats on being the 1st person to be on HeavyWeight's Hot Seat, BuK57 tell us a little bit about yourself outside of Halo.

BUK57: It's an honour to be the 1st person in the hot seat! Especially yours! So basically I'm BUK 57, my real name is Will Buck. I'm 17 years old, and an avid gamer from the UK in a town called Billericay in Essex just outside of London. Outside of gaming, I'm a full time student studying for my A Levels, and spend most of my spare time gaming, out with friends, and shopping :-D Also incase some of you might not know I have a twin brother who can be annoying sometimes but the benefits of having a twin brother outwiegh the negatives! I think that's about enough for a quick intro.

Me: Haha nice intro I can dig it. How did you and your brother get into Halo/Competitive Gaming?

BUK57: Well we both have played games since we were little even against our dad, well until we started beating him and he just let us play against each other! We started competitive gaming on Battlefield2:ModernCombat playing with players like Redd Dot and CrossXhair etc just some of the big names on that game. We avoided Halo 2 really and just jumped on the MLG bandwagon at the start of Halo 3, where my brother went to a Televised Tournament called, which I spectated at to see what it was about. He won £625 for coming 2nd in the UK in his first event, that is what sparked my interest in competitive gaming and playing Halo at a higher competitive level. (Will's a mathematical Chuck Norris, and he told me that in American Currency that's 976$ or in my language a lot of Stride Gum that can be purchased.)

Me: Speaking of traveling the world, coming to America how do you like us? Do we smell nice? What did your family/friends think about all this?

BUK57: Well yeah it was crazy, It was the first time i realised that gaming ... could earn you money! After that event I started playing ALOT more and then started teaming with my brother a month or two after that after coaching his team for a while. But as soon as we were both on the same team, all we wanted was to be the best in Europe and make an impact on the US Halo Scene. And now with Halo Reach we're not behind the Americans! So we can have even better chances at becoming the best in the world on the game.

Me: But do Americans smell nice?

BUK57: Hmmm, all the American's i've met smell nice! Well all the ones i've met! Either that or it's just you guys all smell of candy and are just big traps for skinny British kids deprived of american foods!

Me: It's the Old Spice, It's are Instinct to use it. ;-) . Before we get into MLG Raleigh. It was the 50th event and I have to ask you what moment sticks out in your mind wether it be playing or watching that brings you goosepumps?

BUK57:  A moment that sticks out has to be beating Str8 Rippin' not once, but twice! And the second time being made even sweeter by playing them on Mainstage. It's the biggest game i've won in my Halo career, especially after lanning against the old Str8 Rippin' back in Orlando in January and looking up to them all, to go to a tournament and beat them twice. You couldn't have knocked the smile off my face after them games!

Me: Quick shoutout to the one guy who predicted you guys to beat Str8. (If you message me I'll fly down to where ever you live and give you a hug) Since you mentioned that series from MLG Raleigh, let's get straight into it. You faced Str8 WBR2 what was your mindset going into the series?

BUK57: haha! Yeah you said that we were gonna beat them <3 And we just went into that series with nothing to lose, we were the underdogs and not expected to win. Literally we just all played as agressive and put in 100% there was moments where some of our team challenged in places which we should have backed down, but it seemed to have made them choke certain situations just because they weren't used to it. Overall though we just played our hearts out because we had nothing to lose, and it worked well seeing as we seemed to dominate them in the first series. If i had to descirbe out gameplay that series it would have been "No fear!" 

Me: What was the problem with Str8 Rippin' in your eyes?

BUK57: They overlooked us and also I'd say they were too argumentative, also I don't think them players really worked well togther. Ghost and T2 seemed to be the ones who stood out in the games. However they didn't seem to be playing as a team together at as many points in games as you would have expected from a pro team.

Me: If you woulda said "They were friggin' noobs" I would of loved you forever, but speaking of problems you guys no longer have Reaction on the squad, I'm giving you this chance to speak to the community of what happened that sparked this roster decision.

BUK57: Well this is a long story which we haven't really gone into much detail about from our side. Overall we played well and were definitely the best Halo 3 team Europe ever had. However due to relations between management and Eddie (Reaction) and also him taking/considering offers for other teams whilst leading up to Raleigh, we decided it would be best that Raleigh was the last event teaming with him. There has been alot of things mentioned about money and salaries not being paid. None of this should have been involved with the public as it was confiential information, all I can say is actions taken were for legitimate reasons which have no all been sorted out I believe.
    I loved teaming with Eddie for the time we played together and he was one of the best players in Europe, but feel that the future with a new fourth willl be just as fun and even more successful for us especially on this new game where there will be more and more chances for us to compete around the UK, Europe and America.

    Basically no hard feelings between us and Eddie, we just couldn't carry on teaming together for multiple reasons, but wish him the best of luck in his new team.

Me: Glad I was able to give you the platform to give your side of the story for Power, What is the future of Power? D.C./Dallas/2011 season?

BUK57: We're missing out DC sadly, because of the fact that we can't physically make the championships for Halo 3 without winning the event! So we've decided to focus on Reach, so the next event we'll be attending is Dallas because our Pro status stops us from competing in Combines. And as for the 2011 season, I hope with help from Power Gaming and our sponsors + investment we can attend all of the events next year. One thing though that I can say, the future for us is that there should be some big things coming and we'll be there at the top again for Europe and challenging the best the world can throw at us at MLG's for Reach, we're not going to settle for Top 16 this season. 

 Me: Speaking of Reach, rumor around the Snipe Spawn is you and your brother got the game a tad bit early you warriors, what are you're thoughts on the title?

BUK57: hahaha! Yeah, Power Gaming's very own manager Ben Woodward helped us get a copy early from the very generous and kind website as they are based locally to us. My overall thoughts on the title, well it's halo! It's going to be a fun game to play. However after playing customs on faster settings and different maps, my will power to seach in matchmaking for anything other than cR is starting to weaken! MLG NEEDS TO RELEASE GAMETYPES/MAPS Pleaseeee! <3 (Drama Queen)
    Basically I'm just waiting for the game to become competitive with gametypes and maps created by MLG. This is what i'm really excited for right now, just want to start practicing with a new 4th and playing with them lots because that's what i enjoy most about playing halo, playing with my team.

Me: Yes, Killa KC hurry up <3. Before we go into the Chris Puckett (HeavyWeight?) Speed Round. I have to ask, what would you say to kids not only in America, Canada, but especially Europe who see not only you but your brother and MVP getting to travel the world for Halo, on becoming succesful?

BUK57: I'd say 2 things, Practice doesn't make perfect, practice is only valuable when you put 100% in, you can play a thousand games and still not improve, whereas if you play 100 games and play 100% and focus every game to try and improve, you will benefit more from that. And secondly, act proffessional! No one wants to pay a selfish, arrogant kid to play video games, its all about your reputation and how marketable you are when it comes to sponsors etc. So be nice, act proffessional and eventually something good will happen, and maybe you could end up like us, getting paid to play video games and flown around the world to compete in tournaments. Oh and one last thing, for all you Halo players! After matchmaking games + tournament games. Be a good sportsman or sportswoman! and say two little words "Good Games".

Me: Spoken like a true European champion. Now It's time for the global phenomen. Da Speed Round.

BUK57: Da Speed Round? What happened to The Speed Round
 Me: You obviously have no Real OG Teddy Bears in Kazacthan or where you live, anywhom
    Left Sock or Right Pinky?

BUK57:  Left sock...?

Me: A bag of Doritios or turn off your brother's Xbox mid BR battle?

Turn my brothers xbox off mid DMR* battle!

Me: Fight a group of wild birds or watch a baby penguin put on a sweater? 

BUK57: watch a baby penguin put on a sweater :]

Me: Who takes longer showers you or your brother?

BUK57: Me, I listen to music in there!

Me:  What songs!? 

BUK57: Some Eminem, Drake, some UK Drum and Bass, Everything!

Me:  Drake....Da ----? Lastly Kick MVP in the left shin and then take his Dr Pepper or take HeavyWeight to see Twilight and try to make a move on him?

BUK57: I'll do both, so I can bring some Dr Pepper with me to see Twilight!

Me:There you go, We'll it's to wrap things up any shoutouts?

BUK57: Shout outs to all of Power Gaming, Ben, Luke and Glen. All of the ECL staff, Bamf ladies!, All of my followers on twitter <3 you guys!  and of course you my one of my biggest fan's and probably the coolest guy i've met at an mlg event! So thanks for Inteviewing me Adrian <3

Me:  Thank you Will, you are now off the HeavyWeight Hot Seat.

Thank you for reading this, like I said some more Interviews are coming soon (alongside my love poems to Hot Pockets and Random shenanigans)

It's 2:20 AM.

Whaaaaad up gangsters around the world, It's really late on a Sunday Night & I'm writing a paper about "Porn" (Notice how I'm doing this paper at this time, I wanted to get some "hands on" research) for English IV. I would like to laugh/thank at the Cleveland Browns for losing to the Chiefs & Jay Electronica for not releasing Act II & go watch Boardwalk Empire fo realz' it's good. Interviews will be coming soooooooooooooon. I promise <3

Random fact/opinion time:
I still watch Wrestling
I hate radio rap/hip hop
Brooklyn, Ohio isn't that cool
I plan on living forever
Skinny jeans equal Gay.
Jersey Shore equal Gay.
Brett Favre equal Over-rated.
Cleveland Fans equal Stupid. 
Madden 06 (Xbox) equal My Shit. (Like seriously pick my team, see you at the event bring some Hot Pockets let's go)
Wearing a Yankee hat to look cool equal Gay.
College Basketball/Football over the NBA/NFL
Curb Your Enthusiasm, watch it.
 This list sounded extremely negative.

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Who's this HeavyWeight kid?

Yo yo yo! Thank you very much for reading this. (Grammar will be awful)
Well to start off my name is Adrian Hernandez, and I'm a Gangster. (Proof is avaliable directly below you)
I'm just kidding.

I'm a Senior in High School, little school outside of Cleveland. I'm obnoxious, funny, and cute. I plan to go into Sports Broadcasting, sup ESPN/ESPN Radio? Well I'm gonna stop talking about this because nobody really cares.

MLG: Well most of you are here from MLG so I figured I'd explain what the hell I do at events.
I'm the Broadcast team's intern for Halo. (Help with whatever is needed to make the broadcast amazing and be Puckett's bitch), also more importantly I give out free hugs and explanations to things like; "Why are they called Hot Pockets if when you buy them their cold?" you know what you need to know in life to succeed. As a quick side note if you see me online & I'm not talking, two things: Enjoying a stuffed crust Hot Pocket or I'm dancing naked to Katy Perry while playing. Just a quick heads up.

Event Check
MLG Orlando 2008
MLG Columbus 2009
MLG Nationals 2009
MLG Columbus 2010
MLG Raleigh 2010

What's gonna be in this Blog?
 Random Youtube videos, my thoughts on things, random rants on horrible music and Sports. Interviews with Players and Staff from MLG and maybe my nudes...maybe. <3 So anyway thanks for reading this, good things coming soon <3.